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Claudio Allocchio studied Astrophysics and Elementary Particle Physics at the University of Trieste, and music (piano) at the Conservatory. In 1985 he began to be interested in computer networks at CERN, returning to Trieste in 1988. He was one of the founders of GARR, and managed the COSINE Mail Gateway Services project in the early 90s, creating the first global mail service.
For 11 years he was also the president of the Italian Naming Authority (a body that regulated the ".it" domain) and is now part of the Address Committee for the ".it Registry". He has been a member of the IETF since 1991, and is now the manager of the Applications Area Directorate. At GARR he is the Coordinator for Advanced Application Services, and one of the creators of LOLA, the ultra-fast video conferencing system.


Advanced applications: Vconf, streaming, LOLA - The lesson explores the world of audio and video services that enable you to interact remotely using telematic network services. Starting from an analysis of the basic principles governing "interactions" between human beings, it moves on to see how the various existing audio and video application services on the network enable remote interaction, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each method. In addition to 'traditional' services video conferencing standard, those of WEB collaboration, such as Skype are also examined, and how they can, in many cases, interoperate with each other, with the advantages and disadvantages, until arriving at LOLA, which at this point in time is the most advanced existing communication system on the Web. The lesson then also examines the case of online broadcasting/transmission services (streaming) showing the difference between these and cases of live interaction.

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