Fotografia personale di Domenico Striccoli


Domenico Striccoli graduated with the highest number of marks and honours in Electronic Engineering in April 2000 and was awarded a PhD in April 2004, at the Polytechnic of Bari. He became an Assistant Professor in Telecommunications at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information (DEI) at the Polytechnic of Bari.
He currently teaches basic courses in Telecommunications at the Interdepartmental Magna Graecia Centre in Taranto. The research topics developed include dynamic bandwidth allocation, Video on Demand, transmission techniques and 3D video coding, Call Admission Control diagrams, data scheduling, QoS/QoE in wireless networks (WSN, LTE, etc.).


Connection methods - The topics discussed in the course of the lesson relate to the description of the main connection methods for transmitting signals. The main types of transmission means will be illustrated. Guided transmission means will be described, with particular reference to twisted pair cabling (and all the related classifications), coaxial and fibre-optic cabling. Wireless transmission means are then presented, with particular reference to the various types of electromagnetic waves used to transmit signals (radio waves, microwaves and infrared rays). The main signal propagation characteristics in radio bridges will be illustrated.

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